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Available Kittens

NEW KITTENS have arrived! These kittens won't disappoint, they're so engaging, social and loving. If you're looking for a great Ragdoll, we have what you're looking for! Let us help you find your new FURever friend!

If you are looking for kittens with great demeanor, traditional bloodlines, fabulous body and face structure, beautiful eye color, and that are well socialized, you came to the right place! Springvale Dolls kittens practically sell themselves, which is why some of our kittens are often sold before they are even born. We are always updating our Available Kittens page, so check it often to see what is currently available. Also, check our Breeding Cats page to see what females are due to have litters in the near future!

*note all prices are subject to change and does not include upcoming litters. Contact me to reserve your pick of the litter. Boarding available for those people that can not pick up their kitten on the "go home" date. fee is $10.00 per day.

Everli : $2200.00 on hold for Michelle

seal lynx bi color - female -

This little girl is full of personality. She's similar to her mom, Echo, and loves to talk. Her eye set and color is absolutely phenomenal.

Cascade : $1850.00

seal bi color - female -

Cascade is a playful girl with a beautiful face shape and eye set. She's very gentle. She will have a beautiful, long coat perfect for grooming. Her parents are Linen and Ombre

Kittens Arriving Soon : Let your request be made known as

We would love to be able to make your dreams come true - Izzy x Maserati, Barrette X Maserati, Mosaic x Sinbad, Jupiter x Bo ,Elsie x Silver Dollar Reesha x Ombre - Barrette x Blue Jays' kitten pictured, Mosaic, from last year Both Mosaic and Barrette are bred.