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Available Kittens

NEW KITTENS have arrived. If you are looking for a great Ragdoll , we have what your looking for! These kittens won't engaging and social. Let us help you find your next BFF

If you are looking for kittens with great demeanor, traditional bloodlines, fabulous body and face structure, beautiful eye color, and that are well socialized, you came to the right place! Springvale Dolls kittens practically sell themselves, which is why some of our kittens are often sold before they are even born. We are always updating our Available Kittens page, so check it often to see what is currently available. Also, check our Breeding Cats page to see what females are due to have litters in the near future!

*note all prices are subject to change and does not include up coming litters. Contact me to reserve your pick of the litter. Boarding available for those people that can not pick up their kitten on the "go home " date. fee is $10.00 per day.

Tahoe :

seal bicolor - female - ready to go home

Miss Tahoe is a spitting image of both her sister, Izzy, and mother, Sabel. Amazing demeanor, beautiful non-matting coat

Kash :

blue bicolor - male - ready to go home

Come and meet Kash, he is irresistible. all around superb kitten; very laid back, gets along with everyone, beautiful coat, loves to play AND cuddle.

Birdie :

seal mitted female - - ready to go home

very high energy kitten, if you're looking for a play mate Birdie's your girl

Roo :

seal tortie bicolor - female - ready to go home 10/10/18

Outgoing and playful personality like her Mom.
Excellent coat quality...which will be non-matting. Looking like Grandma Albany in this picture.

Rapunzel : show quality

Blue Tortie mitted - female - ready to go home 10/10/18

Sweet Rapunzel has a beautiful coat that will make grooming an ease and a non-dominate personality

Robin Hood :

seal bicolor - male - ready to go home 10/10/18

Mr Robb is an admirable non-dominate male....beautiful coat just like his father, although he will look like Dancer as an adult

Shamrock :

blue mitted - male - ready to go home 10/18/18

Sham is our sociable boy of the litter, very talkative AND playful!

Saffron :

blue lynx bicolor - male - ready to go home 10/18/18

This laid back bicolor looooves to be cuddled! He is a purr-bucket!

SpringLilly :

blue bicolor van - female - ready to go 10/18/18

Lilly absolutely goes wild for toys, once you get this kitten going she doesn't stop!

SnowDrop :

Lilac mitted - female - ready to go home 10/18/18

Miss Snowdrop is a beauty, wonderful non-matting coat and super playful like her sister!

Amber :

seal bicolor - female - born 8/18/18

This compelling kitten will blow you away, she is all around wonderful.
Plays so hard she starts to pant, much like a dog

Zachariah :

blue mitted bicolor - male - ready to go home 12/24/18

This kitten is just like his mother Zahara!
Would be a great Christmas gift!