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Available Kittens

NEW KITTENS have arrived. If you are looking for a great Ragdoll , we have what your looking for! These kittens won't engaging and social. Let us help you find your next BFF

If you are looking for kittens with great demeanor, traditional bloodlines, fabulous body and face structure, beautiful eye color, and that are well socialized, you came to the right place! Springvale Dolls kittens practically sell themselves, which is why some of our kittens are often sold before they are even born. We are always updating our Available Kittens page, so check it often to see what is currently available. Also, check our Breeding Cats page to see what females are due to have litters in the near future!

*note all prices are subject to change and does not include up coming litters. Contact me to reserve your pick of the litter. Boarding available for those people that can not pick up their kitten on the "go home " date. fee is $10.00 per day.

Shadow :

seal mitted - female - Ready to go home

This is Samoan's mini me, can you tell? Not only is she a spitting image of her mother, Shadow also acts a lot like her. She enjoys quiet environments with lots of toys. Crawls into your lap and just purrs away, very sweet.
She prefers a female owner.

Visa : $2150.00

choc. lynx bi-color - male - 5 months old

Visa is an "everywhere you want to be" kind of kitty. Super fluffy, easy keeper and the ultimate lap cat that loves to cuddle.
He has the very BEST Ragdoll personality. He is sure to give you endless hours of snuggles.

Licorice : $1600.00 includes neutering

red point - male - 4 months old ready to go home

Mr. Red Licorice is always the first one to greet me at the door. With a loyal, playful personality he is sure to be your new BFF!

Caramel Cream Puff : $1850.00 includes neutering

cream lynx bi-color - male - 4 months old

If you are looking for a companion kitty, look no further; Caramel has an OVER THE TOP disposition. He is playful yet loving, an absolute purring machine who loves to be held. Imagine long naps with Caramel Cream Puff snuggled up right next to you.

Red Hot : $1800.00 includes neutering

Cream lynx bi-color - male - 4 months old

Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce, Mr. Red Hot!
He is sweet, cuddly and would make a great addition to your household.

Springs : Exceptional quality

blue lynx bi color - female - Ready to go home mid April

Super forward female kitten that we will have a hard time parting with. Crawls in you lap and wants your undivided attention.
It is genetically possible that Springs is a true bi color. Her parents are Ellenor and Granite and she is homozygous for lynx.

February litters :

- note: kitten pictured is from Reesha x Blue Jay last year litter -

Barette x Blue Jay (100% traditional colors)
Samoan x Granite
Reesha x Blue Jay

March litters :

- note: kitten pictured is from Willow's last year litter -

Willow x Ombre
Elsie Jean x Tidings
Izzy x Ombre