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Breeding Cats

Check out some of our Kings and Queens

To get amazing kittens you need amazing breeding pairs. Springvale Dolls has just that. We have premiere old-lineage bloodlines that produce traditional face and body structure. Multiple Grand Champion show cats have come from our breeding pairs and we pride ourselves in our eye color and disposition. Also, we are excited to say that we have recently been able to exclusively acquire a new bloodline that was previously unavailable in the United States! This bloodline is now available for our pet and show cats in the United States, and for breeding cats sold overseas.

Eternal Echo : 1 blue lynx show/ breeder female available

blue lynx bicolor - female - 2 years old

Super friendly lap cat that has her 1st litter. The kittens are sooooooooooo friendly. they are crawling in your lap everyday.

Willow : 1 lilac lynx mitted female available

Blue lynx mitted - -

Super sweet lap cat. loves to crawl up on your lap and have you watch her kittens as she gets some much deserved attention.
this an Arroyo daughter.

Haviara : breeding this fall to Granite

Seal mitted - Female -

Very large female that produces very large cats! She has a super plush coat that is of exceptional quality and a joy to experience.

Mirage : breeding this fall to Ombre

for seal pt and mitted kittens - Female -

Mirage is everything a Ragdoll should be. She is large playful and has an engaging personality. She produces amazing kittens that have found homes as far away as China.

Unforgetable Dreamer :

Seal Lynx Mitted - Female -

A lap cat that will produce lap cats. Such a sweet and loving disposition that will create perfect pets.

Essence : Kittens available

1 blue bi male kittens available - -

Lilac mitted: very large female

Daisy : breeding this fall to Ombre

Lilac Lynx pt. - Female -

Wonderfully affectionate female that has kittens that just want to be held and loved.
will produce blue lynx in mitted and color pts.

Arroyo : breeding this fall to Blue Jay

seal lynx mitted - Female -

Very super sweet kitty . She is an excellent mother. Arroyo is the mother of Willow.

Albany : Breeding this fall to Ombre

- blue torbie Bi-color -

very playful cat. That is a great Mom and has very large, healthy kittens.

Zahara : blue bi-color female

Just bred to dancer - -

Zahara is a very sweet mother and so affectionate. Socially she fits in well with everyone and she loves to talk.

Lorell : blue lynx bicolor

We will be breeding Lorell X Blue Jay for fall kittens. - -

Lorell is a wonderful mother and has very striking kittens.

Winter Sable : 1 seal bicolor female available

seal bi-color - female -

Sable is a beauty....and her offspring are so sweet. she has a perfect non matting coat.
Dancer is the father of this litter

Samoan :

seal mitted mink - female -

this female marks her kitten very well. almost all are show/ breeder quality.

Rosetta : 3 mink kittens available black solid bicolor male and 2 choc mitted .one male and one female. all mink kittens

choc mink mitted - female -

Dancer :

Seal Bi-Color - Male -

Dancer has a wonderful easy going disposition and produces absolutely gorgeous kittens.
Very nice bone structure and lovely eye color ....that he passes on to his kittens.
Watch for his kittens....they are exceptional!

Blue Jay :

Blue mitted - Male -

Blue Jay has a huge presence and is making some very outstanding kittens.
Hs head type is very dominate and his dark color makes for lovey cross on our females.

Springvaledolls Frost :

Lilac mitted - Male -

This is a Hammerman son....super sweet disposition. Is already a big boy....with stellar eye color.
at 2 1/2 yrs. old he is 20 lbs. just a huge cat and is as laid back as they come.

High Dollar Granite :

blue lynx bi-color - male -

Granites will produce litters will be blue and blue lynx mitted and bi colors.

Ombre :

seal mitted - male - 11 months old

His 1st 2 litters are on the way Riviera and Rosetta are both expecting Ombre babies.

Riviera : kittens available born mid July

- -