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Breeding Cats

Check out some of our Kings and Queens

To get amazing kittens you need amazing breeding pairs. Springvale Dolls has just that. We have premiere old-lineage bloodlines that produce traditional face and body structure. Multiple Grand Champion show cats have come from our breeding pairs and we pride ourselves in our eye color and disposition. Also, we are excited to say that we have recently been able to exclusively acquire a new bloodline that was previously unavailable in the United States! This bloodline is now available for our pet and show cats in the United States, and for breeding cats sold overseas.

Sunny Bea : Bred to Sinbad 2 kittens available

seal lynx color pt - female -

This is Arroyo and Ombre's daughter. She has a sunny personality just like her momma and outgoing like her father. She struts her stuff when she walks around as if she's holding a crown on her head, Princess Bea. She's an outstanding mother who produces dark, stunning kittens.

Lorell one kitten available : Retiring , available in Feb.

Blue lynx Bi-color - Female - price at $450.00 plus spay cost

Lorell is a wonderful mother and has very striking kittens with outgoing personalities. She's a talkative girl with a long, luscious coat.

Barette : Bred to Blue Jay one kitten available

seal mitted - female -

Barette is huge, possibly SpringvaleDolls largest female! She produces perfectly marked kittens with exceptional eye color. She has the softest meow and her nickname is "Queen B". Her coat is long and fluffy, making the perfect snuggle buddy!

Essence : Bred to Favor 3 kittens avilabel

lilac mitted - female -

This female is very large and very sweet! She loves to knead while you give her love and really enjoys sunbathing.

Jupiter : 5 kittens available

seal lynx bi color - female -

Jupiter is the BEST mom! She is a daughter of Echo and Tidings, she has her mothers coat and her fathers personality. She's extremely nice and very animated.

Elsie Jean : bred to Sinbad 5 kittens avaiable

blue cream mitted - female -

Elsie loves to follow you around purring! She has the most entertaining personality, a lot like Riviera. Her parents are Albany and Blue Jay. She is one of our largest girls.

Samoan : bred to Granite 3 kittens available

Seal Mitted Mink - Female -

This female marks her kittens very well, almost all are show/ breeder quality. Very sweet personality, loves to sit in your lap. Also enjoys being outdoors, relaxing in the fresh air.

Maesie : bred to Ombre 5 kittens available

seal lynx mitted - female -

This Queen to be is out of Daisy and Tidings, she's the perfect mix of the two. She's perfectly marked with a cobb style body. She plays like a kitten and is BFF's with Super Nova

Nu Linen : bred to Ombre 4 kittens avaiable

Lilac bi color - This sweetheart of cat will be producing kittens for us in late '21 - Look at her eye color, Stunning

Riviera :

Blue Tortie - Female -

Albany's mini me! Riviera is an outstanding mother. She loves to play and is an absolute beauty, both traits that get passed on to her offspring. She loves sitting on your shoulders just hanging out with you.

Izzy :

seal bi color - female -

Izzy is a very bold female with a lot of character, from a young age we could tell she would be a perfect fit for our cattery. She stands on her back legs and hugs you, very very affectionate. She is the daughter of Dancer & Sabel

Brinley :

seal mitted - female -

Momma Brinley is a bold, talkative girl who gets along with other cats phenomenally. Her favorite food is raw venison and her favorite napping place is on the very top of any cat tree.

Joy :

lilac mitted - female -

Joy is a very affectionate, laid back girl who enjoys crawling into your lap and giving you hugs. She has the softest meow and produces wonderful lap cats.

Rue :

seal torti - female -

Rue is a the full package, both playful and cuddly! She has the sweetest meow and is a purr-bucket. She enjoys being outside and sunbathing. She is Riviera and Ombre's daughter!

Eternal Echo :

Blue Lynx Bi-color - Female -

This female is a super friendly lap cat, with a voice that carries through rooms. Her kittens are sooo friendly, they are crawling in your lap everyday. She enjoys being carried around and receiving individual attention.

Super Nova : we will be breeding Nova to Blue Jay for kittens available in June

Blue Lynx bi-color - Female -

The last daughter of Dreamer and Frost. Her favorite thing to do is eat, with playing close behind. She does really well with younger kittens and we can't wait to see how she does as a mother.

TuTu :

lilac bi color - female -

Very affectionate female who will produce stunning lilac and blue kittens. This is another Tuffy daughter who loves to talk and play.

Amethyst :

seal bi color - female -

This is Izzy & Ombre's daughter and she is a SHOW STOPPER! She is so affectionate, playful and full of personality. She loves hiding her favorite feather toys.

Reesha :

blue lynx mitted - female -

Although Reesha is SpringvaleDolls most laid-back cat she still plays as though she were a newborn kitten! She is a very easy-going, mellow girl. She has a shorter coat and is perfectly marked.

Zohar :

Blue Bi-color - female -

This is the most energetic, playful girl you will ever meet. She has the most beautiful round, blue eyes and a perfect non-matting coat.

Blue Jay :

Blue mitted - Male -

Blue Jay has a huge presence and makes some very outstanding kittens.
His head type is very dominate and his dark color makes for lovey cross on our females.

High Dollar Granite :

Blue Lynx Bi-color - Male -

Granite will produce litters that will be blue and blue lynx mitted and bi colors.
He is a large male with beautiful eye color! He is so loving, wants to be held and gives hugs.

Ombre :

Seal Mitted - Male -

Absolutely phenomenal male. very large, playful and affectionate!

Tidings :

seal bi color - male -

Tidings is a very large son of Sabel & Dancer. He is very talkative, loving and playful! Possibly a true bi color

Sinbad :

seal smoke mitted - male -

This young male is very vocal, will hold an entire conversation. He loves stealing toys and hiding them. He is the son of Captain Jack from Dakota Ragdolls.

Favor :

seal bi color - male -

This Dreamer x Frost boy is super vocal and his meow's are the cutest. He has a cobb style body making him the perfect snuggle buddy. He is very nice and adventurous, making the perfect boyfriend. Watch for his babies!

Sliver Dollar : New to Springvale Dolls

Lilac Lynx mitted - male -