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Available Kittens

NEW KITTENS have arrived! These kittens won't disappoint, they're so engaging, social and loving. If you're looking for a great Ragdoll, we have what you're looking for! Let us help you find your new FURever friend!

If you are looking for kittens with great demeanor, traditional bloodlines, fabulous body and face structure, beautiful eye color, and that are well socialized, you came to the right place! Springvale Dolls kittens practically sell themselves, which is why some of our kittens are often sold before they are even born. We are always updating our Available Kittens page, so check it often to see what is currently available. Also, check our Breeding Cats page to see what females are due to have litters in the near future!

*note all prices are subject to change and does not include upcoming litters. Contact me to reserve your pick of the litter. Boarding available for those people that can not pick up their kitten on the "go home" date. fee is $10.00 per day.

Dancing Waters : $2400.00

blue cream tortie bicolor - female - ready to go home after spay

This very pretty female has a very full coat, The last daughter out of Riviera x Ombre. She is
super nice and will make a great addition to your life.

Carissma : $2400.00 show quality

Blue pt. bicolor - female - 12 weeks old

This is a very sweet petite female that is an instant purr with
a very easy going non dominate personality. She is ooohhh so irresistible.

Casper : $2100.00

blue bi color - male - 9 / 15 ready to go home

Casper is a playful boy who loves affection. He will make a great companion for all ages. Very soft, non-matting coat.

Honey : $1750.00 price includes her spay fee

Seal lynx bi color-perfectly marked - Female - ready to go home

This is the softest armful of sweetness you have ever held. VERY gentle kitten that loves her people and has a luxurious coat.

Birdie : $2200.00

seal pt. bicolor - Female - ready to go home after spay

This is kitten is super affectionate. LOVES to be picked up and is an instant purring machine.
She has a easy going disposition. Would be good with kids and a dog.

Maple : $1550.00 + spay fee

Seal mink bi color - female - Ready to go home

Maple is a sweet heart with an instant purr motor. Loves to hang around and be helpful.
She is outgoing and animated. Always bringing a smile to everyone's faces when she is around.

Solace : $2000.00

lilac lynx bi color - male - ready to go home

Oh such an easy going non dominate kitty. Loves to be held and very affectionate.
Seems like he may be a large boy with an easy non mating coat.

Satin : $2100.00

seal bi color mink - female - ready to go home

This kitty is gentle and likes her sisters. Might do well as a little sister in your cat Family.
She is a large girl.

Sassafras : $2000.00

seal bi color mink - female - ready to go home

Say Hello
I am outstanding and you should come a meet ME.

Sashay : a rare near totally white kitty with blue eyes.

seal van - female - ready to go home

This girl is oh so affectionate. Rubs up against me to mark me as hers.

Savvy : $1900.00

seal smoke lynx mink bi color - female - ready to go home

This girl is a favorite. Miss out going and Purrs all of the time.
LOVES attention and is such a goooood helper in the kitchen.
She would be a good fit for a family.

Roux : $2100.00

blue mitted - male - ready to go home 11 / 10

Say Hello to Mr. Blue Jay Jr.
He will be the spitting image of His daddy

Rye : $2100.00

blue mitted - male - ready to go home 11 / 10

This is Big brother . He is one Very handsome Blue Jay son.

Trinity :

seal mitted - female -

Trinity is a very large girl out of Elsie Jean. She loves playing and is content being the one and only. Trinity says no dogs please!

Please inquire if you don't see what you are looking for : We do have several females that are not listed on the page

Pictures available upon request - -

Essence : $550.00

Lilac pt. mitted - spayed female - 7 years old

Lovely Kitty with a very gentle and easy going personality