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Kitten Care

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Even though our female kittens are as friendly and loving as the males, choosing the right sex for your particular circumstances is important.


Ask yourself these questions:

Do I work full time?

Do I have children?

Do I have other cats?

Do I have dogs or other pets?

Is my home an active household?

Do you travel and take your pet with you?


If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions, a male cat would most likely suit you best. A male cat is a little less cautious and would handle stress much better than a female.

If you are a quiet person, have a quiet household, or feel you identify with a female disposition then by all means choose a female as your companion. Females cats are generally kind, loving and sensitive. If you want to spend time making sure everything is done in an orderly manner, and on time, you would most likely enjoy a female cat.

Some believe that females make better pets, as you don't have to worry about them spraying. Neutered cats usually don't spray unless they are unhappy or have some medical issues. And it doesn't matter if you have a male or female, either is liable to spray if home-life isn't happy, or the cat is neglected.


small catTaking your kitten home is always a fun and exciting time. However, for your new kitten, it might be a little stressful. Leaving their littermates and familiar surroundings to go to a new home can be hard. Don’t worry after taking the right steps your new kitten will be happy in no time.


When you bring your new kitten home it is best to put them into a small room like a bedroom or bathroom where they can feel safe. Keep your kitten in this small room for at least 7 days to allow them to feel secure and to get used to their new surroundings. Your kitten doesn’t need a lot of space to run and play at first. What they really need is the security of a small room. Make sure to place food, water, litter box, and scratching post in the small room. If your kitten is very social, which some are more outgoing than others, you may carry them around the house with you. This will allow them to look around but still be secure in your arms. Try and refrain from doing this until the 3rd or 4th day home with you.


During this 7 days make sure to spend a lot to time with your kitten. If you have kids, allowing them to spend time with the kitten will allow the kitten to get used to them. Ask the kids to be calm and quiet during these visits for loud noises and a lot of movement might scare the kitten. After this 7 day period, you may allow your kitten venture out on their own. They will be inclined to follow you and stay by you until they feel more secure in this bigger environment.


If you have another cat, by the time you open the door on day 7, the new kitten and other cat will have already been acquainted by smelling each other under the door. Older cats may hiss at the new kitten and/or at you, because they are frightened by the strange new smell of the kitten.  They are not hissing at the new kitten or you but the unfamiliar smell. If you realize this, you might think that your other cat is jealous of the new kitten. However, this is a myth that many believe to be not true.  The resident cat is just not identifying with the new smell. In 7 days they will have gotten used to the odor of the new kitten.  When you open the door to let the kitten venture out it should be without incident but watch them just in case.


If you have a dog, allow your dog to smell the new kitten from under the door to allow them to become acclimated to the new smell. Do not allow your dog to case the kitten for this will scare the kitten. Putting the kitten’s food up at a higher level where the dog cannot reach it will make the kitten feel safer. Also, give the kitten plenty of high places where they can sit and nap. One aspect that you need to watch out for if you have a dog, is that your dog may be a carrier of diseases and viruses. What does this mean? This means that your dog can carry a disease or virus that may not not affect your dog, but your dog can transfer that disease or virus to the kitten, making them sick.



Always have one more litter box than you have cats. Be sure to watch that the other cat or cats are not chasing or pouncing on the new kitten as they come out of the litter box. If this happens, the kitten will be afraid to go into the box from that point on. Thus, you will have a litter box problem with the new kitten. Do not remove the litter box from the small room until you know the kitten is no longer using it. This may take up to a year but if you scoop your boxes every day, you should not have any odor problems.


If you are sensitive to litter box odors, you may want to try Natures Miracle Stain and Odor Remover to clean the litter box. This product eliminates odors and stains from the litter box to bedding. 


It is inexpensive and can be purchased at Kv Supply.


Dry Cat Food  [open]

Feeding Instructions: Place in a bowl and allow free choice of dry food. Offering more than one type/flavor of dry food is also a great idea.


Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Baby

This is the dry food we feed to our kittens. It is a high-protein, high-fat, meat-based recipe to help promote healthy growing. This food contains real chicken, pumpkin to support healthy digestion, egg and nutrient-packed chicken liver, essential fatty acids and DHA to help support healthy brain and eye development.


Tiki Cat Born Carnivore-Chicken & Turkey

This is one of the dry foods we feed adult cats. This food is 40% protein with it's first ingredient being chicken. It supports a healthy immune system with omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins A, E and Folate. It promotes healthy vision, brain function, healthy skin and shiny coat with omega-3 fatty acids. It contains fiber from pumpkin to aid digestion while having no fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Tiki Cat Born Carnivore-Trout & Menhaden Fish Meal

This is another dry food we feed to adult cats. Like the chicken & turkey recipe it's first ingredient is trout and contains balanced omgea-3 and 6 fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system.


Click the link below to go to the Tiki Cat website:

Tiki Cat


Fresh is Best

Fresh is best

Fresh is Best Natural Pet Food products are 100% grain-free, USDA approved, and contain human-quality meats, vegetables, and supplements. Many of the ingredients used are organic and locally grown. All Fresh is Best products offer a complete and balanced diet in Beef, Chicken, and Turkey. Fresh is Best Natural Pet Food’s number one goal is to continue to bring new products that offer nutritional variety, giving pets a healthy quality of life that cannot be met in other brands of pet food.

Feeding Instructions: Make sure to cut up dehydrated food into small pieces or chop up in a food processor. Feed the dehydrated food by itself or top-dress dry food.

Click the link below to go to the Fresh is Best website:

Fresh is Best


People Grade Food  [open]


img1DVenison | Duck | Geese | Elk | Chicken | Bear | Hamburger | Lamb | Chuck


The healthiest and most natural way to feed meat is when it is cooked. The health benefits of feeding your cat real meat are endless. A few benefits of feeding real meat are strengthening the immune system, reducing allergic reactions, and helping to maintain a healthy weight. When feeding real meat make sure that the meat is of high quality and is not spoiled. Low quality or spoiled meat can make your cat sick.


Feeding Instructions: Feed meat either ground or cut up in to small pieces. If the meat has a tendency to be a little fatty, for example raw beef, cook the meat and eliminate the excess fat.


Scrambled Eggs


Eggs contain a good source of protein and vitamins that are good for your cat and also make their coat beautiful and shiny.


Feeding Instructions: Eggs can be fed up to twice a week and either whisked up and slightly scrambled. If your cat is a picky eater try adding 2 tbs. of milk to the egg.


Dairy Products

img1BReal Butter | Cream Cheese | Cottage Cheese 4% | Monterey Jack | Colby | Swiss


Try to stay away from milk by itself. A large amount of milk can make your cat sick.


Feeding Instruction: At first feed only a small amount of dairy products to see how your cat will react to it. Some cats are more sensitive and dairy products can give them upset stomachs. If your cat reacts well, which most do, feed dairy products in small portions occasionally.



img1FGreen Peas | Green Beans | Cream Corn | Sweet Potato | Pumpkin


Feeding Instructions: Make sure vegetables are soft (either cooked or canned) and feed approximately ¼ cup per cat.



Try to stay away from feeding too much fat to your cats. They need about 20% fat in their diet. Start out slow with one of these foods. Then add one at a time, once you know they are compatible with one.


At Springvale Dolls, all of these foods have been fed to our kittens and should be fine with any of them.


Every cat is a little different, some foods they will eat, some foods they will not. Try to feed a variety and let your kitten pick their favorites.


How does Springvale Dolls feed their cats?

Whether you prefer to feed Dry, Canned, or Real meat foods to your cat, it is best to feed a verity of different foods. Check out the video below to see how Springvale Dolls uses a verity of foods to keep our cats healthy and hydrated!




Canned Food  [open]


Canned food is an inexpensive alternative to feeding meat every day. However, most canned foods consist of low quality food. Many contain chemicals and byproducts that are not healthy for your cat. When buying canned foods check the ingredients list to make sure that meat is the number one ingredient and fillers like grains are at the bottom of the ingredient list. However, at Springvale Dolls, we prefer to use canned people food such as tuna and chicken. We have found that canned people foods contain much higher quality ingredients. 


American Journey

American Journey chicken and turkey are favorites

Feeding Instructions: Soak 1/3 cup of dry food in warm water and feed on a flat plate. Top-dress food with canned food.

Royal Canin - Kitten


Wal-Mart (people Food Tuna)

Wal-Mart (people Food Chicken)


How does Springvale Dolls feed their cats?

Whether you prefer to feed Dry, Canned, or Raw foods to your cat, it is best to feed a verity of different foods. Check out the video below to see how Springvale Dolls uses a verity of foods to keep our cats healthy and hydrated!




Treats  [open]

Fresh is Best

Cat treats can be a great source of nutrients and protein. When buying cat treats, like in any cat food purchase, check the ingredients list. Make sure that meat is the number one ingredient and fillers like grains are at the bottom of the list. We at Springvale Dolls recommend using freeze dried meat as treats for your cat. Fresh is Best has lots of freeze dried products to choose from, but we have found that the freeze dried duck hearts are a favorite for our cats.

Fresh is Best - Cat treats

Water  [open]

City water should not be used

If you live in the City, use bottled water, but not distilled. Most WELL water that is safe for you , is safe for kittens. City water is often times treated with chlorination and is not healthy for your cat. 

Keeping your cat well hydrated is VERY important! A cat that has been well hydrated its whole life, will have a much reduced risk of kidney failure and liver failure, as well as a stronger immune system to fight other health issues. We recommend a self filling bowl that holds larger amounts of water than just a traditional bowl that you fill when its empty.


Available online or any pet store.


It is not necessary, but an auto watering bowl is great fun for the cats. It is a constant supply of running water and the cats love it!


Available online or at any pet store.


Hydration is key

Unfortunately, no matter how much water you put out for your cat, they rarely ever drink as much as they truly should to keep themselves properly hydrated. So what's the secret to keeping their water intake up to par? Check out our video to see what Springvale Dolls does to keep our cats healthy and hydrated.


Hairball Treats  [open]

Hairball Paste

Cats sometimes need a little extra help eliminating hairballs. One option for relief is a product called hairball paste. Basic use instructions are to wipe the paste on the top side of your cats paw. The cat will then lick their paw clean. Do this once a day for three to five days in a row. Different manufactures may have different product instructions for use, so make sure that you read and follow the use instructions that are specific to the product you are using. 


hairball paste 

Click the link below to purchase hairball paste.

Hairball Paste

Grooming  [open]

Greyhound Style Comb


Comes in 2 sizes 4.5" and 7.5". You will need both combs eventually. The smaller one when you first get your kitten, then later on the larger comb. Do not use a brush on your Ragdoll as it only flattens the coat and will not remove dead hairs.


Flea Comb


Handy for removing debris from the backend and tail of your Ragdoll.


Toenail Clippers

Human toe nail clippers are much more handy than those made for your pets. These are available at Walmart or any department stores.


Flea & Mite Control

Springvale Dolls exclusively uses Advantage 2 for flea control. It is a great product that delivers almost instant results. In most cases, continuous treatment beyond the second treatment is not necessary. If you have dogs, use flea control products regularly on the dogs so they don't bring in fleas, but proceed with caution when using continuously on the cats since flea treatments can be hard on cats.

CAUTION: Do not use flea shampoos or sprays on your kitten or cat it is very harmful to them. DO NOT under any circumstances use Frontline. It is very toxic to the cats and may cause death.


advantage 2

Click for Advantage 2: Product Information

Click for Advantage 2: Directions for use

Click for Advantage 2: Buy Online


If you have any questions about flea or mite control please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Litter  [open]

Cat  Litter Options

There are lots of different types of cat litters out there. However, not all cat litters are created equally. 

Worlds Best Cat litter is a fiber based clumping litter that is a safe alternative to clay based clumping litters.

We ask that you do not use clay based clumping litters. The clay clumping litter if ingested will not move on out of the body. It adheres to the intestine and may cause a total blockage that will certainly kill your cat. Often a cat will go into a litter box, get litter and dirt on his feet, try to lick it off and eat it. Fiber will pass through, clumping clay will not. There are clay litters that are non clumping, however, Springvale Dolls recommends using an alternative to clay litters.



Worlds Best Cat Litter


Wood Pellets

At Springvale Dolls, we use wood pellets such as the kind that are burned in wood pellet stoves. They are much cheaper that normal cat litters found in stores. However, If your cat is already accustomed to store bought litter, it may be challenging to get them to switch to wood pellets.

Wood Pellets can be bought at many hardware stores.


If you have any questions about cat litter please contact us.


Scratch Pads  [open]

Kittens and cats really enjoy the luxury of scratching pads. Place it anywhere that you don't have cat furniture.




Available at Walmart and other pet supply stores.

Cat Furniture  [open]

A must for a happy kittens, cats, and us.

img14Cat furniture is HIGHLY recommended. Our kittens use this furniture for sleeping, playing, and mostly scratching on. They already are trained that this is where the fun and scratching should mainly be done. If you do not have the proper cat furniture for your kitten when it comes home, it will feel insecure, and will be looking for a substitute for playing and scratching. They also need a place to climb up and down. Many cat owners don't realize that cats like to be up in high places. If you provide your kitten with this, it is easier to train them to stay off your kitchen tables and counters. It is a natural instinct for the cats to find the highest spot possible to look down on everything. Make it fun and easy for them.


Click a link below to purchase cat furniture


Molly and Friends



Toys  [open]





Pet stores are packed with tons of different kinds and styles of cat toys, but like humans your cat will have their preference on which toys they like and don’t like. We have found that the cats love the little toy mice and golf ball sized whiffle balls. One inexpensive fun toy that your kitten will love to play with is pipe cleaners. You can find these in any craft store. Take two pipe cleaners and twist them around a pen making them into a spiral. The kittens love batting and chasing them around.  The only things to watch out for when purchasing toys is if there are small pieces that they can chew off and swallow or if there is a string attached that could be long enough to rap around their neck. If you do purchase a string toy that has a longer string, make sure to put that toy away when you are not supervising the cat.

Da Bird






Our Cat's favorite: Da Bird feather Toy